Tuesday, 12 May 2009

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(pictures are from a previous walk in the Bank area)

Black history walk

Next Walk in Notting Hill:

Bank Holiday Monday 25th May 2pm

There is much more to Notting Hill than Carnival but even that history is often mis-represented. Find out about pioneering African/Caribbean people who literally fought for equality and laid the foundation for modern multicultural London. We cover Baron Baker, Jamaican Freedom Fighters, White Defence League, sus, sou-sou and partner,Michael X,Peter Rachman, Claudia Jones, anti-black riots of 1958, Mau Mau, Shebeens and invisible black history

£6.00 adults £3.00 children.

Group bookings possible. Walks last approx 2 hours.

mail to:info@blackhistorywalks.co.uk with number of places. You will then receive confirmation and joining instructions

Up coming events

"Your favourite night of entertainment is back!!!"
What: Performance
Start Time: Sunday, May 31 at 8:00pm
End Time: Monday, June 1 at 12:00am
Where: Bar Music Hall

Swing Baby is back bringing entertainment to the masses the way it should be - with music and dance in the same breath!! expect 100% good vibes, , space to get down on the dance floor and learn some new moves, top quality acts from UK's music elite, great bar & restaurant, oxygen...., what more do you want!

This month we have a special line up for you:

DeeQuest - Spoken word artist & Neo Soul singer songwriter duo with their smooth band

Byron Gold - Yes he's back to bring soul to the house with the backing of his band

Eden Rox - Rocktastic Eden bringing pure funk to the stage with backing of her band

Obenewa - Soulful songstress and her band

Urban Foxes - UK's most hidden and talented HIP HOP duo

Hosted by the mighty M3NSA

Plus the usual entertainment Swing Baby style, with DJs PIK n MIX turning up the volume and our usual dance teaching team bringing new flavours for this month’s mini dance class! Not too be missed.

Entry £3 All Night (yes it isn't a typo just £3)

See you there!!


If you're interested in performing at a future Swing Baby event email: swingbaby@ymail.com

Up coming events

Living Ancestors: A tribute in portraits and stories to the world's oldest woman and other Caribbean centenarian women

1 April - 31 July 2009
The display

This display of portraits of women over the age of 100 from the island of Dominica, including the world’s oldest woman Ma Pampo who was 126 years old when she was drawn. Accompanying the portraits are stories recorded by the artist, as she and the women elders got to know one another during the drawing process.

The display builds a bridge for the viewer between the ten women portrayed, and their mothers and grandmothers, who were enslaved and whose stories were never recorded. Living Ancestors is an acknowledgement and celebration of an enduring female lineage of resilience and resistance.

Artist and feminist activist Gabrielle Le Roux creates travelling exhibitions of portraits and stories which raise awareness about social issues and pay tribute to people whose social contribution goes unrecognised because of their gender, race, class or sexual orientation.

More about the display in our press release

To accompany the display we have a series of events.
Caribbean Food Tasting

Tue 7 Apr, Sat 18 Apr & Thu 28 May, 12.30-1.30pm & 2.30-2.30pm
Caribbean food tasting with Dominican Patsy Scott.
FREE but book in advance, 5+. Book your place by calling 020 7001 9844.
Dance the quadrille

Thu 16 Apr, Fri 29 May & Thu 30 Jul, 12.30-1.30pm & 2.30-3.30pm
Enjoy a performance of the quadrille, a traditional Caribbean dance which is the result of the fusion of African and European folk dance. Then learn the steps and have a go yourself.
FREE but book in advance, 6+. Book your place by calling 020 7001 9844.
Stories from Dominica

Fri 17 Apr, Wed 27 May & Wed 29 Jul, 12.30-1pm, 2.30-3pm & 3.30-4pm
Enjoy songs and traditional stories from Dominica with Patsy Scott.
FREE, 6+
Gallery tour by artist Gabrielle Le Roux

Fri 22 May, Tue 2 & Fri 19 June, Wed 8 & 29 Jul, 1.10- 2pm
A talk in the gallery by artist and feminist activist Gabrielle Le Roux who will discuss the process of meeting and drawing the centenarians and sharing stories and anecdotes in English and Caribbean Creole.
Changing Faces

Tues 26 May, Sat 30 May & Sat 27 June, 12.30-1.30pm & 2.30-3.30pm
Pick up your artist’s pallet and create your own self-portrait inspired by images from the Living Ancestors exhibition.
FREE but book in advance, 5+

Book your place by calling 020 7001 9844.

Portrait of the world’s oldest woman, Ma Pampo, 126 years old

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Up coming events

How to Brainwash the Youth and make them act like Fools ! (and how it happened to adults in the first place )

Saturday 16th May 7.30-9.30pm

Light on the Hill Church, 1A Vaughn Rd, Harrow HA1, Tube: Harrow on the Hill, West Harrow

Adm: £5.00 . Children half price. Colourful Network 07811396145

Previously sold out. Colourful Kids present this highly rated in-your-face seminar aimed at children and parents to illustrate how they are conditioned via Hollywood movies, music videos, computer games and advertising to act dumb and love it. This presentation uses pop and mainstream culture combined with a black history perspective. Scary Movie, Predator,Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne,Futurama, Disney,300, GTA,Pussycat dolls, Mariah Carey, Nelly, Etana,Lord of the Rings, Pirates of Caribbean, Transformers all make an appearance


Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Jewish slave trade

Prof Tony Martin

Tony Martin (born 1942) was an American professor of Africana Studies at Wellesley College who retired in June 2007 as professor emeritus (a status the college confers automatically on all retiring professors) after 34 years teaching at the Africana Studies Department where he was a founding member. A lecturer and prolific author of scholarly articles about Black History, primarily the Black Nationalist leader Marcus Garvey, his written works and statements about the involvement and responsibility of Jews in the American slave trade, which echo allegations made by the Nation of Islam, have been a source of ongoing controversy.