Sunday, 6 December 2009

BABIES - Official Trailer [HD]

I really can't wait to see this movie..

The first opening scene is too much, they are just the cutest..

Naturally 7 Unplugged: In the Air Tonight

The real Hero

Sergeant Mark Todd

KILLEEN, Tex. — Sgt. Kimberly D. Munley has been applauded as a hero across the nation for shooting down Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan during the bloody rampage at Fort Hood last week. The account of heroism, given by the authorities, attracted the attention of newspapers, the networks and television talk shows.

But the initial story of how she and the accused gunman went down in an exchange of gunfire now appears to be inaccurate.


It's funny how I had to be told about this from someone else rather than the news itself. Not seen any reports in the London paper with his picture like they did with Munley's picture splashed across the front..

But oh they have reported him in the Telegraph second to Munley. And the picture of the Nidal is main and only photo used.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Jill Scott- Golden

That is what I do and I plan to continue to do! And I encourage everyone to do the same..

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Monday, 23 November 2009

Who you callin' a Nigger-Channel 4 again!

Darcus Howe reports on a netherworld of unreported violence and prejudice between Britain's ethnic minority groups.

Next Episode: Thu 26 Nov, 11.20PM on More4

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Up-coming event-ADAP

ADAP African Development Association for Progress

Africans Arise a supporter of the ADAP organisation has invited us the attending the filming on the film One love. I am saying now I will be in attendance, and hopefully it will work out that way..Deatils below..

This is the final ADAP Film Screening in this series and our last event of 2009.

We finish on a celebration vibe as we will be screening ONE LOVE - a heart-warming story of African love in the face of extreme obstacles. It's not often that films offer us a positive look at how African men... and women can come together in loving and stable relationships. ONE LOVE provides a powerful antidote to this. The lead role is played by Kymani Marley (son of Bob) and it also features the UK's own Idris Elba (recently famous from The Wire).

This is the last event that ADAP will be doing for some time so make sure you invite your friends and family to come and enjoy a unique warm atmosphere. As usual, food and drink will be provided and there will also be a range of products including arts and crafts from Ghana available to purchase at knock-down prices. 100% of the takings are ploughed back into running these events.

Entrance is completely free (donations welcome) and early arrival is highly advised so as to secure the best seats. The venue is the usual place, Chestnuts Community Centre, St Anns Road, Tottenham London (10-12 minutes walk from Seven Sisters tube, or the 67 bus drops you right outside the centre).

Saturday, 21 November 2009

The black Holocaust

Part 1

Please visit EbonyNewsChannel page to watch the rest of the videos....


Friday, 20 November 2009

Market Ni$$as

My internet brother AfricansArise (, twitted this video. And I want to share it with you.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Sade-No ordinary Love.

Quote for the day.

Learning without thought is labour lost; thought without learning is perilous.

Brazilian music

Carlinhos Brown, love this guy!!!

Capoeira- How African slaves survived.


What African Brazilians did to survive.

I am so happy to see this movie has been made. I came across the trailer from the blog 'a Brother in Sweden'.

Capoeira is something I really want to learn. Seeing posters around my area for classes. I was contemplating going, only yesterday and to see this video today is very inspiring.
Other commitments at the moment have me slightly restricted. But after watching the trailer for the movie, I must.

I adore martial arts and highly respect the art. From a young age my brother and I would go to Taekwondo classes and karate. (We tried our hand at both. lol). I remember being so happy seeing a guy twice my height being told I had to spare against. Ok I wouldn't say I was happy but it was a challenge, and as I was a Tomboy I was willing to take.
Having an older half brother who was a Sensei made us feel like we had it in the bag. Needless to say not quite. Every now and again my brother will remind me of moves and it takes me back to my youth.

Capoeira wasn't something I knew about back then at that young age it was only later I discovered it. The first time I saw it live was in a Brazilian bar in London.
Capoeira was created in Brazil brought by African slaves. With my love of dance, martial arts and being African Caribbean. Capoeria is breathtakingly amazing to me.!

Paul Obinna and The Timeline

Understanding our history is far greater than slavery..

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Maxwell- Soul Music

Maxwell was absolutely amazing last week. Didn't want the night to end!!!!!!..

Here's one of my favourite songs from his album Embrya. It's a shame people didn't get that album. It was genius.. And unfortunately he didn't do any of the songs. :(

Another one. I couldn't do just one...This album had me from 17 till now. Love it!!!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Black Ice- The Ugly Show

For eveyone who is in love

P square-No one like you...

OUR media.....

'Black Media got that Good Hair'

The video is a brief review on the movie 'Good Hair'. For me the most important part of the video is the appeal for black people to support and also take part in our own dissemination of black images.

That's what I was trying to explain to the person I was having the discussion with regarding the Cadury's advert. It's completely fine disagreeing and voicing that to Cadbury's, but we have to look at this realistically. What are their concerns? and main objectives?. $£$£

We need to start using all the outlets available so we can represent ourselves.We also need to understand first what it means to be black in today's society, outside of Africa and truly represent that to our people and whoever chooses, to read, watch or listen.

We complain, get mad, curse, do kinds of emotional rhetoric, but how far are we prepared to go to change anything. What are we going to do to support other black people now, who are trying to start or we going to get back to our comfort zone of saying a lot but doing nothing.

Please see below websites I visit and also the ones that were mentioned in the videos., click on the tab Shoot the messenger for debates on current issues.

The black battle continues.......

New Precious Film Trailer

I heard about this movie early this year. Just hoping it will be showing in the UK soon.

The New blacking up

Mentally disable actors are victims of mordern 'blacking up',says campaigner.

The mother of the first actress with Asperger's syndrome to play a fictional character with the condition has launched a campaign to stop actors "playing disabled".

Lizzy Clark was 14 when the BBC asked her to play the part of Poppy, a teenage girl with Asperger's, in the television film Dustbin Baby, starring Dakota Blue Richards and Juliet Stevenson. Based on Jacqueline Wilson's novel of the same name, the film has been shortlisted for an International Emmy, a British Academy children's award and the Bafta Kids' Vote awards. The award ceremonies will take place next week.

Lizzy's mother, Nicola Clark, has said that employing actors who are not mentally disabled to play characters with neurological impairments should stop. It is the "blacking-up of the 21st century", she said. "We need to break down these barriers. They're unacceptable and indefensible in a modern-day society, especially when there are so many good, disabled actors who are both ready, eager and able to take on these parts."

Lizzy, who had never acted professionally before her part in Dustbin Baby, said: "My Asperger's made some things on the film set difficult at first, like dealing with the sudden noise of the storyboard, but I was soon so focused on acting that I didn't notice anything else.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Health-Winter fruit and veg



artichoke*, beetroot*, broccoli, brussels sprouts, butternut squash*, carrots, cauliflower, celeriac*, celery*, chicory*, chillies*, garlic, horseradish*, jerusalem artichoke*, kale*, kohlrabi*, leeks*, onions, parsnips*, potatoes (maincrop)*, pumpkin*, radishes, rocket, runner beans, salsify*, shallots*, spinach, spring onions, swede*, sweetcorn, turnips*, watercress*


apples*, cranberries*[i], elderberries*, lemons[i], oranges[i], medlars*, passion fruit[i], pears*, quince*


almonds*[i], brazil nuts*[i], chestnuts*, chives*, coriander, hazelnuts*[i], mint, mushrooms (cultivated), mushrooms (wild)*, parsley (curly), rosemary, sage, sorrel, truffles (black)*[i], truffles (white)*[i], walnuts*[i]


beef, chicken, duck*, goose*, grouse*, guinea fowl*, hare*, mallard*, partridge*, pheasant*, pork, rabbit*, turkey*, venison*, wood pigeon*


brill*, clams*, cockles, cod, coley*, conger eel*, crab*, dab, dover sole, eel*, haddock*, halibut*, hake*, herring, john dory*, langoustine, lemon sole*, lobster*, mackerel, monkfish*, mussels*, oysters*, plaice*, pollack*, prawns, scallops*, sea bass*, sea bream*, skate*, squid*, turbot*, whelks, winkles*

Ghanaian Proverb

"If things are getting easier, maybe you're headed downhill"
Ghanaian Proverb

African British Actor

Chucky Venice

Chucky Venn was Born and raised in West London, to Nigerian parents, he grew up in a large household; the eldest of five siblings he has two sets of twin sisters. Chucky's friends and Family always felt he was destined to be in the spotlight; growing up he won a number of modelling competitions but decided on a career in acting quite accidentally; filming with friends in the park with a new toy, a video camera, he realised how much he enjoyed acting. He dedicated the following three years to study; honing his skills with the hope of carving out a career in the acting businness. The support of his family has given him an incredible drive and ambition which has been the credit for all the roles he has landed so far. Years of networking, religiously reading The Stage newspaper & PCR he has virtually done it all, from extra work, modelling, music videos, community theatre and low budget independent movies. His big break came when he auditioned for the role of Curtis Alexander on Sky Ones football soap Dream Team. What originally started out as a two episode contract developed into a three year role filming 98 episodes. In-between projects he also landed a featured role in BBC 1s Holby City as well as ITV's The Bill. After swapping Sky Ones No.1 soap for primetime ITVs Footballers Wives this was 10 years in the making. Now with feature's in 2007's Blockbuster 'Bourne Ultimatum', this year's eagerly anticipated 'Batman The Dark Knight', plus 'The Code' with Morgan Freeman & Antonio Banderess and currently filiming 'Sharpe's Peril' with Sean Bean in India as well as several other projects this year, Chucky Venn's career continues to grow from strength to strength.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Daniel Beaty-"Duality Duel"

Ni%%er VS Nerd

Please watch:

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

On-going debate

Good hair vs bad hair.....Light skin vs Dark skin

I wasn't sure I wanted to get into this subject on my blog. I do have discussions on this in my personal life. That allows for immediate responses: off the cuff truthful answers. Which then lead into debates.
We can all prepare and make ourselves look good with well thought out answers but do you get the truth.Even in face to face debates, people are not prepared to be honest: not with themselves more importantly.
Having this discussion recently, having to admit certain truths to yourselves will often leave you feeling stupid and who purposely wants to feel this way?. 'Truth hurts as they say'.

As we have seen in recent months with the Chris Rock movie 'Good hair' and the recent channel 4 documentaries regarding race. Tyra Banks deciding to no longer wear weaves and Sosa lighten complexion, and Lil Kim, who has been so for awhile now. So in-light(not intended) of what's going on, I thought I will touch upon the subject briefly.

Historical context

House Nigger VS Field Nigger

"House Nigger"

One who is of lighter complexion,looser hair texture. Will be the child of the slave owner and slave worker. Privileges for that offspring; they were in the house, eating the good food and better dressed..

"Field Nigger"

One who is of darker complexion, tighter curl patter;often refereed to as 'kinky' or 'nappy'. Will be found in the field, picking cotton, cutting down sugar cane,or picking corn etc. Ate whatever was thrown to them. Foods that are still cooked today.

"The house Negro will be the one to keep the field Negro in-check if they ever got out of line." Malcolm X..

That is very brief historical reference but highly relevant. We can go back a lot further and look at a vast amount of historical events that have influenced the negative depiction of black people. Or even more recent depictions can be found. Scientists, anthropologists and all of the other "-ists" that you can think of have been used over the years to encourage and 'prove' the other (us) as the lesser kind.

So you can say a lot work has gone into making black people feel like 'savages', 'primitive', less intelligent and all the rest.

So when I hear comments like " I relax my hair out of convenience", "I like different styles"."I just find light/white skin girls more attractive, it' s my preference" or "I don't have good hair. that's why I relax". Are we just becoming a culture that it's more and more integrated therefore, doing something different, liking something more than the other, is just part of the process?

But then I question:

How much of the historical context can we ignore? Can we truly say decisions we make are no way impacted by the years 'conditioning'?
And do we as black people really understand the effect.?

Watching the race documentaries on Channel 4, 'Nip, tuck and bleach, the white beauty myth'. The young lady called Jet who was on a mission to lessen her nose from looking 'African' to looking more 'European'. She felt her black nose made her look poor.
Further into the show at one point she went for a brief moment of anger, when she realised she was putting her life at risk to try and fit in with white society. That soon faded and she was elated after the surgery was complete. As she put it, "she felt her nose went with her clothes" shopping at Waitrose , basically her overall lifestyle, work etc. So ultimately her life was made more convenient by looking white!.

We can look at white society and see how blind they are to racism. That was shown on the other documentary 'How racist are you:the event'. One guy said, I quote " I don't have a problem with calling you gollywog". Well isn't that something?! He doesn't mind calling me gollywog, well thank you kind sir.

Nevertheless, comments that were made about the show 'the white beauty myth' on Twitter were by black females. The common trend found amongst the black women; dare I say it, they had very long weave, blonde colour hair, some with just blonde highlights and other colours, commenting on the fact they don't understand how black women are not happy being black.
Now are we saying hair doesn't count as part of the idea of not looking black. If we refer back to the previous historical context looking black, i.e nappy hair was bad.So is this idea of just changing your style, which are usually different European styles, that simple of an answer.

You can even further look into the damaging affects of relaxer,hair dye etc, not only to your hair but your inside as it's a toxic chemical. Is Jet the only one who is wrong in that case?. Is her honesty more damaging or are the black people who do questionable styles but don't see any correlation ?

What Jet did was undeniable trying to look white, she said it herself. Is this matter of what we see as trying to look white?
If your aware of something only then can you change it, if you don't see a problem how would you know to question yourself.


Are the decisions we make, that may appear to be looking less black. I.E Hair colour, hair texture-from wavy to straight. Wanting to look more European in shape. Wanting to date women or men who look less black.

Are these just choices??

Watch the comedy sketch below from the show Little Miss Jocelyn.. I have meet a few black people like this in my life

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Dermatologist explains reason for Sosa lightening!!

NOK Civilization

The Nok civilization appeared in Nigeria around 1000 B.C. and mysteriously vanished around 200 AD. The civilization’s social system is thought to have been highly advanced. The Nok civilization was considered to be the earliest sub-Saharan producer of life-sized Terracotta. Nok culture terracottas are heralded as the prime evidence of the refinement of African civilizations, and it is suggested that the society eventually evolved into the later Ife Yoruba community

"Darwinism & Racism"

Good hair....You can't touch mine

I think I died at @0.55.....

It's just skin rejuvenation- Right...........

But a widely circulated photo of the former Cubs slugger makes his skin color appear several shades lighter.

"He's not trying to be Michael Jackson," said former Cubs employee Rebecca Polihronis, who talks frequently with Sosa.

Sosa was photographed recently during an appearance at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.,0,7519658.story

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Channel 4 Documentary series-RACE "The last taboo".

Th above picture is from a series of photos altered to show people in the media and in power of different races. The above is Margaret Thatcher as a mixed race women.

Monday 26th October starts a week of Documentaries exploring questions of Race. Race and intelligence?. Does being mixed race have an advantage?, How racist are you? and black people who are going under the knife to appear more European,and why?.

I will be interested to see how these questions are explored. How far are they going to go to prove the answers in one side of the argument or truly look at the questions in the right and just context.For this to hold true vast and varied amount of subjects will need to be extensively explored.

If this isn't shown to be balanced, my opinion will be known and letters will be written. I encourage many others to do so.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

BNP-British National Party Tonight on BBC question time

Must see tonight 10.35pm BBC Question time, the leader of the BNP will be on the panel.

Several people are going tonight to protest against Nick Griffin appearing on Question Time. I was invited but I am happy to watch it from my TV. I absolutely want Nick Griffin on panel tonight and hopefully we will get some answers. Whether or not he will trip himself up is debatable,which many people are hoping. I am sure he has fully prepared himself to cover his statements he has made in the past and the true nature of the party will be carefully contrived, or maybe not will see.

Background information on Nick Griffin below...

Nick Griffin is leader of the British National Party and has been a member of the European Parliament since the 2009 elections.

A smartly-dressed, Cambridge-educated family man, he has written of the need to "normalise" a party which has its roots in the fascist National Front and, when he took over as leader in 1999, was chiefly associated in the public mind with skinheads and swastikas.

At the time, Mr Griffin said the party had to rid itself of the "three H's" which he defined as hobbyism, hard talk and Hitler.

He has portrayed himself as a defender of free speech against the politically correct "liberal establishment", even posing for the cameras with a gag across his mouth at election counts.

But he has a controversial past, which includes a 1998 conviction for incitement to racial hatred relating to material denying the Holocaust.

And to his opponents, his decontamination of the party is only skin deep.

In April 2006, he told the Mail on Sunday: "'Yes, Adolf went a bit too far. His legacy is the biggest problem that the British nationalist movement has to deal with. It just creates a bad image'."

Monday, 19 October 2009


Everyday he wakes up in his million dollar home
His life is like a video, the only reality he knows
He jumps inside of his hundred thousand dollar car
Cruising up the boulevard
Driving pass people living hard
Complains about the gas prices but still supports the war
He complains about his 6-figure salary, tax to feed the poor
He doesn't understand the homeless, doesn't think its genocide
**That millions die from three lethal letters
He does shit to make it better
**And I'm thinking of you

Everyone wants to touch the sky
Nobody wants to reach back
For the ones who are scared to fly
Everybody wants heaven
If you don't want to sacrifice
Don't say nothing, don't say nothing
Don't say nothing
Don't say nothing

[Verse 2]
She watches television full of fabricated show
Thinks the world is just a joke, but oh little does she know
That there is a real life drama happening right outside her door
'Cause She continues to ignore, but she's like the TV - the story repeats
She's searching through the channels
Skipping pass the news, she's more entertained by lies and gossip
'Cause it hurts to see the truth
She complains about the nation
Think it's a waste of time to vote
She says the one that has been corrupted forever
No one tries to make it better
**And I'm thinking who

Everyone wants to touch the sky (Oh-ho)
Nobody wants to reach back
For the ones who are scared to fly (Scared to fly)
Everybody wants heaven (Heaven)
If you don't want to sacrifice (Oh)
Don't say nothing, don't say nothing
Don't say nothing (My hand to my brother)
Oooooo-Hush (Hand to my sister)
Don't say nothing
Don't say nothing
Don't say nothing

Yeah, yeah

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

BNP-British National Party


"BNP Wives A documentary exploring the extraordinary lives of women working for the British National Party. Wife Suzy describes living with the organisation's manager and her struggle to balance family with their political interests, while dedicated supporter Lynn discusses her protest against building a local mosque. Narrowminded morons!!!"

Ghana's Vodafone deal 'illegal'

The sale of Ghana's state-owned telecoms firm to UK's Vodafone was "unconstitutional and illegal", a leaked Ghanaian government report says.

The UK-based mobile company bought a 70% stake in Ghana Telecom (GT) and its assets for $900m (£570m) last year.

The report, seen by the BBC, said GT was undervalued and ultimately the price paid for GT was less than $267m.

President John Atta Mills had promised to investigate the controversial deal before his election last December.

The BBC's David Amanor in the capital, Accra, says Mr Atta Mills' National Democratic Congress party (NDC) had objected to the $900m price tag while they were in opposition last year.

Critics said it was too little for the assets, which included terrestrial, mobile and fibre-optic cable networks and an academy known as Ghana Telecom University.

Black youth worker arrested for watching police wins compensation

British Transport Police to pay £22,000 to man handcuffed and held for four hours after witnessing teenager being detained

Saturday, 10 October 2009

An Amazing poet


Stand up Black men!..

Friday, 9 October 2009

New Cadbury advert- Your thoughts?

Do you find this advert offensive? I have been hearing some people like this advert and few don't. I am curious to know why?

From what I can see of the advert it's set in Ghana were cocoa beans are produced, the Cadburys chocolate are showing they now come under Fair Trade standards. This means fairer working conditions for all persons who produce the cocoa beans for their chocolate. It was set in a village were the local people were dancing from what its look like to me expressing happiness.

Do you feel from that we were made to look like a joke? If so why?

As Africans/Caribbean's we are known for our joyful celebratory dances. I didn't find anything funny with that. So where is the offensive? If this was set in Brazil and they were dancing to Samaba music throught the streets of the Favalas, would we find that offensive or exotic and beautiful.

Sometimes the question isn't with the advertisers but your own depiction. As far as I am concern joy and the expression of that is universal to all so why is it when we are shown to be there are further associations. I would like to know what are you seeing?

Please see the extended version below.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Up coming events

Start Time:
Sunday, October 25, 2009 at 8:00pm
End Time:
Monday, October 26, 2009 at 12:00am
A special tribute to the departed icons of music of black origin!
SWING BABY LIVE is back with the last dose of the year with its Deeper Than Music edition. Honouring the departed legends of music of black origin, with artists performing a tribute to remember some of our favourite icons, as well as their own material.

Promoting a platform where live music and dance share the same breath. With a fun free dance class & nothing but good eclectic vibes from pure Soul to Indie, Jazz to Hip Hop + more surprises & guests.

African migrants seeking UK 'dream'

Panorama's Paul Kenyon visited a derelict house near the French port of Calais to hear why so many young African migrants remain determined to reach Britain.

The cellar steps are thick with oil and the walls a congealed buttery yellow. They're steep and twisting, and someone's daubed graffiti in a language I do not recognise.
Clearing work at a Calais migrant camp
The French government has recently dismantled migrant camps in Calais

At the bottom someone has tried to light a fire, and the charcoal remains have been kicked around in the gloom. There is a stinking curtain across a doorway, and when I tug it, a swarm of silent flies tumble out, and bump around the cameraman's light.

On the other side is the skeleton of an arm chair, some half eaten cans of food and an overwhelming smell of stale urine. Upstairs is not much better.

Here in Calais, this is home to around 30 men and two women. They are mostly young and ambitious and some speak several languages


Friday, 2 October 2009

Yet another fail!!!

Seriously the less I say on this the better. I am beyond disappointed. Remember a previous post about the rapper Roaxnne Shante? She supposedly had a contractual agreement with her previous record label Warner to "fund her education for life". Well that was a FAIL!! This has been found to not be true at all and in fact she continues to lie to cover up the lie. Brilliant!

If you want to read further on the story please click the following link....

This fail post will continue for a bit. I have a few things to get off my chest with black people I keep encountering. It's excellent for my studies meeting such like but frustrating in reality..


Please watch the following video that was recently sent to me....

Ok my thoughts really briefly I love the beat, the energy etc etc, but at certain points of the video they fail BUT maybe it's just me...

Big tune from JJC aka Mr Skillz The powerful new single by JJC which embodies the meaning and significance of Black History Month featuring J-Rock & Randy Directed...
Big tune from JJC aka Mr Skillz

The powerful new single by JJC which embodies the meaning and significance of Black History Month featuring J-Rock & Randy

Directed By: M.Musa for BIG BOYZ ENT
1st AD: Nick Asgill for BIG BOYZ ENT
D.O.P: Mark Pengelly
Record Label: Big Boyz Ent
Management & PR: ilkamedia ()
Marketing: Phoenix Media Partners
Category: Music
jjc mrskillz 419squad nigeria naija museke africans united-states-of-africa anthem j-rock randy jjcakamrskillz Abdul Rasheed Bello ilkamedia Ilka Schlockermann


Sorry I haven't been able to write or post anything for awhile I have been extremely busy with moving having no internet access and other ventures I have stared in my life, hopefully I will be back to posting at least once a week..Wishing everyone a great weekend..


Thursday, 27 August 2009

Official says racism accusations against him are political ploy

A high-ranking French official accused of racially insulting airport personnel has denied the claim, accusing French Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux of orchestrating a biased investigation against him to restore his own image.

A French official charged with overseeing efforts to appease racially-charged tension in a French Indian Ocean territory has accused France's Interior Minister of orchestrating the affair.

Paul Girot de Langlade, coordinator of a political peace process on the island of Reunion, has been suspended pending an inquiry into a charge that he insulted security personnel at Orly airport by using a racial slur.

"I am the victim of a politcal ploy" the official told French daily Le Parisien on Thursday. "The investigation into what was initially a minor incident has been orchestrated by [Interior minister] Brice Hortefeux, who wants to restore his anti-racist image," he said, referring to a series of harsh anti-immigration measures.

"The behaviour and comments that have been attributed to me in the media for the past two days do not come from me and do not reflect reality or my personality," Girot de Langlade told France Inter radio on Saturday.

The prosecutor's office in the Paris suburb of Creteil has opened an investigation into "public insults of a racial character."

According to a judicial official, Girot de Langlade was stopped by security staff and asked to empty his pockets when a metal detector buzzer sounded after he disembarked from a flight at Orly airport outside Paris on July 31.

"You'd think we were in Africa. In any case, there are only blacks here," he is accused of replying, according to the official.


BLACK WALLSTREET - The Most Prolific Black Community & Business Model In American History

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Philip Emeagwali-African inventor

Nigerian born Dr. Philip Emeagwali first entered the limelight in 1989 when he won the prestigious Gordon Bell Prize for his work with massively parallel computers. He programmed the Connection Machine to compute a world record 3.1 billion calculations per second using 65,536 processors to simulate oil reservoirs. With over 41 inventions submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Philip Emeagwali is making big waves in the supercomputer industry, amazing achievements only surpassed by an even more amazing life.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Roxanne shante-Hip Hop artist record deal turned PHD

At the young age of 14, Roxanne Shante had already sealed her spot in Hip Hop history with the smash battle track "Roxanne's Revenge," which was a response to Rap group UTFO's own hit record, "Roxanne, Roxanne." Her involvement in what was labeled the "Roxanne Wars" would eventually see her as one of Hip Hop's first iconic female emcees.

After two albums, however, Shante lost interest in the music industry, particularly the business aspect of it.

"Everybody was cheating with the contracts, stealing and telling lies," she told "And to find out that I was just a commodity was heartbreaking."

By the age of 19, Shante said she remembered a clause in her contract, which stated that Warner Music would fund her education for life. After a short period of negotiation, the record label finally agreed to honor the contract clause, and would eventually pay over $217,000 for Shante's schooling.

Dr. Roxanne Shante has finally earned her Ph.D in psychology from Cornell University.

"This is a story that needs to be told," she said. "I'm an example that you can be a teenage mom, come from the projects, and be raised by a single parent, and you can still come out of it a doctor."

To find out how Shante is using her skills in psychology to help out the African American community, read the entire article [click here].

BBC interview with Former Ghana President John Kufuor

"The interview starts at about 3.20 minutes. Before that, there is some discussion of a recently-released report on how the Congolese Army, Rebel Groups and Western Multinationals are working together to plunder Congo's resources."

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Hunger in Samburu

Days after the government launched the emergency response programme to provide rapid delivery of food, water and medicine to over 10 million Kenyans, another set of people is said to have succumbed to hunger in Samburu. two elderly women in Ndoto location of Samburu north are said to have died from starvation, as many more remain vulnerable.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Chill out

When you had a long day the news always deliver bad news, you may need get to get your partner and take....."A Long Walk" (Soprano's sing!!!)

Jill Scott

"Let's take a long walk around the park after dark
Find a spot for us to spark
Conversation, verbal elation, stimulation
Share our situations, temptations, education, relaxations
Elevations, maybe we can talk about Revelation 3:17"

Nigeria oil rights grab 'illegal'

Nigeria's high court has ruled that its country's government illegally revoked exploration licences granted to a South Korean oil consortium.

The Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC) had filed an action demanding the restoration of two offshore licences, granted in 2005.

Nigeria called off the deal in January, alleging that the consortium failed to make agreed payments.

But the court said that President Umaru Yar'Adua did not have such power.

The government has said it will appeal against the court's ruling.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo had awarded KNOC rights to the two oil blocks, which which some estimates suggest could hold as much as one billion barrels.

The case has been watched closely by the oil industry, with foreign investors concerned about the security of contracts when administrations change.

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Monday, 17 August 2009

Ethiopian restaurant-UK

Tana Ethiopian Restaurant

2a Lithos Road London, NW3 6EF 07946885037
Tana Ethiopian Restaurant caters for weddings and Christening and private functions. The restaurant can fill 180 people and buffet is available charging £8.00-£10 per head. Why bother to cook at home and have your house messed up when you can hire Tana Ethiopian Restaurant and move your occasion there, while your being served instead of running around making sure your guests are attended to. Let Tana do all the work!

Please visit their Facebook page for more pictures and info


Friday, 7 August 2009

Quote of the day

"You can't do anything by doing nothing"

Monday, 27 July 2009

Quote for the day

"In this great future you can’t forget your past."

Bob Marley

Saturday, 25 July 2009

African Artist

Kimathi Donkor

Kimathi Donkor was born in Bournemouth, England in 1965. He grew up in the UK and Zambia and lives and works in London. He received his PGCE from Goldsmiths in 1992 and his BA Hons in Fine Art (also from Goldsmiths) in 1987.

In 2004, 'Caribbean Passion: Haiti 1804', his first solo show for more than a decade, was held to observe the bicentenary of Haiti's independence. Then, in 2005, another series of large-scale oil paintings: 'Fall Uprising' marked the 20th anniversary of the 1985 urban conflicts in London.

2008 saw Donkor curate 'Hawkins & Co', an exhibition of more than 70 art works by 15 artists, at the Contemporary Urban Centre in Liverpool. He also opened his first exhibition outside England, bringing paintings created on the reverse of mass-produced canvases to Armagh, Northern Ireland.


Friday, 24 July 2009

MSNBC-Protecting your kids

If you saw a child with someone and they were screaming your not my daddy, someone help me. What would you do, would you help or walk away.

Watch the video and find out who would help.!!!!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Sprite advert-update

The following statement was released by the Director

My name is Max Isaacson, I directed and produced the fake Sprite ads that have been making the rounds over the past five days. There have been quite a lot of false statements made regarding these and I would like to make a few things very clear about these spots. First, there was no involvement from either The Coca-Cola Company or Greencard Pictures. Second, this was not supposed to be taken seriously by anybody. They were made completely on spec, which was clearly stated on the YouTube pages on which the ads were primarily seen. I paid for, produced and directed both spots independently. I am frankly quite surprised that spots of this nature were so quickly and easily believed to be legitimate. I hope that all parties involved will understand that this was a simple mistake that went much too far too fast, and that it is now made clear that these were not real commercials, nor were they ever produced with intention of being taken as such.

Sprite advert-update

Henry Louis Gates Jr. arrested in his own home

Click video to find out why..

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Quote for the day

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world".

Harriet Tubman

Racist Transformers

The new Transformers which I have not seen and now will not see. Have two characters by the name of "Mudflaps" and "Skids", they claim to not do much reading, gold tooth wearing etc. Playing on the "urban stereotype" according to some black people and of course white this is not racist..

Lets see the people behind the voices

Reno Wilson and Tom Kenny

Playing on a streotype is not racist hmmmmmmm!!!