Sunday, 29 March 2009

African Arts and Culture


A unique African and art culture experience

Kambani Arts is a not-for-profit organisation set up with the primary aim of promoting art of African origin. We engage with established and emerging artists, and link children into holistic art projects. These projects enhance children’s cultural educational awareness and create platforms for showcasing artistic talent to global audiences.

Kambani is a Zambian word which means “expression”, or “to talk”. It explains the main reason Kambani was set up – to express Africa’s artistic talent to the world.

Kambani Arts started in the wake of Africa 05, a BBC initiative to showcase Africa’s vast artistic talent. The legacy of Africa 05 is being championed by Africa Beyond, details available through their website Africa Beyond.

Kambani primarily helps under represented artists whilst engaging children in cultural awareness initiatives through our programme of creative arts. These initiatives help alleviate the poverty of participating artists and generate maximum exposure and remuneration whilst encouraging cultural educational awareness for participating children.

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