Monday, 29 June 2009

Speaking of advertisng

phallic imagery

Can someone please help me on this one. Of late I have been seeing posters, TV adverts showing black men with white women in a loving embraces or some sort of sexual reference and no black women to be seen or if she is she is with her white husband.

Now the media industry do not do things by accident as L o'real have openly proven, all things are chosen have for a reason to convey a certain image.

Can someone please tell me why the increase of black men with white women and the disappearing act of black women are becoming more prevalent.

If this act of the media is to encourage or to reflect society, what are your thoughts??

Idris Alba recently was quoted saying in the June 2009 Pride magazine, "Black women are virtually invisible, and the only way to change that is to keep our children, especially our female children,visible"

Please watch the video of the advert and please tell me why the need for a brother to be in this advert, so far I see none maybe it's just me..

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