Thursday, 19 November 2009

Capoeira- How African slaves survived.


What African Brazilians did to survive.

I am so happy to see this movie has been made. I came across the trailer from the blog 'a Brother in Sweden'.

Capoeira is something I really want to learn. Seeing posters around my area for classes. I was contemplating going, only yesterday and to see this video today is very inspiring.
Other commitments at the moment have me slightly restricted. But after watching the trailer for the movie, I must.

I adore martial arts and highly respect the art. From a young age my brother and I would go to Taekwondo classes and karate. (We tried our hand at both. lol). I remember being so happy seeing a guy twice my height being told I had to spare against. Ok I wouldn't say I was happy but it was a challenge, and as I was a Tomboy I was willing to take.
Having an older half brother who was a Sensei made us feel like we had it in the bag. Needless to say not quite. Every now and again my brother will remind me of moves and it takes me back to my youth.

Capoeira wasn't something I knew about back then at that young age it was only later I discovered it. The first time I saw it live was in a Brazilian bar in London.
Capoeira was created in Brazil brought by African slaves. With my love of dance, martial arts and being African Caribbean. Capoeria is breathtakingly amazing to me.!

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