Saturday, 13 March 2010

To be black

I want to put a question out to people. What does it mean to be black? and does it mean to except your African (speaking to the diaspora) and does excepting your African does it now mean you are a king or a queen..

Why are you a king or a queen? I hear a lot of people using this term in references to themselves or greeting a fellow brother or sister, admittedly I have used the words before but I am starting to question, what does it truly mean.

I am sure a lot of people would disagree the need to question this terminology, but I feel it necessary to get a better understand. So this is an open question hopefully I will get feedback and later I will give my furthered opinion.


  1. It’s self-defeating to define what “black” means. We are people of this earth. And this earth has many fascinating qualities. However, when we try to pinpoint what “black” is, we stagnate/limit/reduce our ability to look at ourselves beyond the stereotypical characterizations that have defined “black.”

    We should start to see all of as human beings; we constantly search for that day when we don’t have to say black lawyer or black doctor. Seeing ourselves as humans is difficult, because it means that we have to look into the depths of our human struggles, pain and failures. So, in reverse, we have had a desire to see human qualities that comparable to that of kings/queens. And that is why we have used these terms, but we have to understand that kings/queens were humans too and many kings/queens have failed mightily as well.

    That’s why the message of Jesus Christ has spoke to us and African Americans so heavily because the message states, “if you want to see yourselves as greater than this earth, than accept the new life that Christ has given us…this new life is far greater than man’s understanding.” Blessings.

  2. Hi Conscious sister,

    I appreciate your response..You made some excellent points..