Thursday, 22 October 2009

BNP-British National Party Tonight on BBC question time

Must see tonight 10.35pm BBC Question time, the leader of the BNP will be on the panel.

Several people are going tonight to protest against Nick Griffin appearing on Question Time. I was invited but I am happy to watch it from my TV. I absolutely want Nick Griffin on panel tonight and hopefully we will get some answers. Whether or not he will trip himself up is debatable,which many people are hoping. I am sure he has fully prepared himself to cover his statements he has made in the past and the true nature of the party will be carefully contrived, or maybe not will see.

Background information on Nick Griffin below...

Nick Griffin is leader of the British National Party and has been a member of the European Parliament since the 2009 elections.

A smartly-dressed, Cambridge-educated family man, he has written of the need to "normalise" a party which has its roots in the fascist National Front and, when he took over as leader in 1999, was chiefly associated in the public mind with skinheads and swastikas.

At the time, Mr Griffin said the party had to rid itself of the "three H's" which he defined as hobbyism, hard talk and Hitler.

He has portrayed himself as a defender of free speech against the politically correct "liberal establishment", even posing for the cameras with a gag across his mouth at election counts.

But he has a controversial past, which includes a 1998 conviction for incitement to racial hatred relating to material denying the Holocaust.

And to his opponents, his decontamination of the party is only skin deep.

In April 2006, he told the Mail on Sunday: "'Yes, Adolf went a bit too far. His legacy is the biggest problem that the British nationalist movement has to deal with. It just creates a bad image'."

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