Sunday, 25 October 2009

Channel 4 Documentary series-RACE "The last taboo".

Th above picture is from a series of photos altered to show people in the media and in power of different races. The above is Margaret Thatcher as a mixed race women.

Monday 26th October starts a week of Documentaries exploring questions of Race. Race and intelligence?. Does being mixed race have an advantage?, How racist are you? and black people who are going under the knife to appear more European,and why?.

I will be interested to see how these questions are explored. How far are they going to go to prove the answers in one side of the argument or truly look at the questions in the right and just context.For this to hold true vast and varied amount of subjects will need to be extensively explored.

If this isn't shown to be balanced, my opinion will be known and letters will be written. I encourage many others to do so.

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