Sunday, 26 April 2009

Africa Addio

The images are taken after the film their was an audience discussion.
Also as we left down the road was a protest to stop violence in Zimbabwe and get Mugabe out of power..!!

I recently went to see Africa Addio at the BFI in Waterloo yesterday to be exact. I was and still am in shock with what I saw, I didn't realise how much it affected me until I got home and tried to close my eyes but couldn't sleep as every time I did I would see the horrific things shown in the film.

This is a eye opener and a reminder that the struggle may not be so much for us in the western world as we have fallen comfortable with our society we are now sleeping, while Africa is suffering 50 years later Africa Addio still haunts.

I do no want to go into too much details so if you choose to watch it I want your understanding and experience to be your own.

Please be warned it is highly graphic.

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