Friday, 17 April 2009

African music

It's Friday!!!!! time to enjoy the weekend and listen to good music, eat good food and spend time with your family..

Loving this!!! Enjoy....

Fefe Gnalen - Kameremba- coming to you from Genuine Conakry

Conakry, Guinea

Conakry is the capital of Guinea - a country sometimes called Guinea-Conakry to distinguish it from the neighboring Guinea-Bissau.

Guinea was once a part of the great Mali Empire. Later it became a part of French West Africa. Conakry, also spelt Konakry, became the capital of French Guinea. Guinea finally achieved independence in 1958, and Conakry remained the capital.

The city has a population of well over 1 million. About 3/4th of Guinea's population consists of Malinke, Fula and Susu. There are several other ethnic groups. The official language is French whereas many African languages like Malinhe, Fula etc. are also spoken. The Malinhe (or Mandinjo) and Fula are famous for their music.

Conakry contains industries like fruit canning, fish packing, printing, automobile assembly, and the manufacture of aluminum utensils and plastics. It is also the educational center of the country, and the University of Conakry is located here, among other schools. Other important institutions and structures include the museum, library, and national archives, Palais du Peuple (National Assembly building), the sports stadium - Stade du 28-Septembre.

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